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With the resolution that is times higher than Full HD, this 28-inch Ultra HD monitor delivers decent color performance for the price. It also gives you billion colors, so movies or games will appear detailed and realistic. More colors mostly give a smoother transition between different tones for a more accurate picture.

Honestly, the picture is great for casual use. For gaming, the display has 3840 x 2160 resolution at 60Hz, 1000:contrast ratio, and supports AMD FreeSync with a 1ms response time. All that lets you enjoy a fast on-screen motion clearly and smoothly with less motion blur, ghosting, and judder.

The Samsung UE590 Series comes in two different sizes like most of their other monitors. (We are reviewing the 28-inch unit). This product features a 28-inch 4K TN panel with 60Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time making it suitable for casual UHD gaming. This size is perfect is appropriate in our opinion for 4K viewing, but if you want unimaginable pixel density, you can always get the 24-inch version will probably be less of a desk hog. Out of the box, color accuracy is decent for a TN panel, making it suitable for everyday tasks such as after-hours gaming or watching movies. We tested the screen to have up to 97% sRGB coverage which isn’t entirely bad if you think about the price.
With that result being said, if you are looking for display to use with photo editing or video production, you might have to look elsewhere. In games we tested, images were still pleasing even in Overwatch, a cartoony and colorful title usually used for testing vibrancy. https://salisbest.com/best-samsung-uhd-monitor. The TN panel’s speed is key here, and while we did not notice severe input lag across our tests, the UE490 is noticeably slower than most of the best gaming monitors we reviewed. If you are neurotic about these small details, then you might need a snappy but expensive product like the Asus PG27AQ, a model which costs twice as much or more. So if you ask us if the Samsung UE590 is a good gaming monitor, we can say it is, but it will be limited to casual gaming enjoyment, much like how 4K fits into the gamer spectrum.
4K is still primarily a small niche when compared to competitive gaming which only utilizes 1080p resolutions at speeds of 144Hz or more, mainly due to the massive graphics power needed to render the eight million pixels on a UHD screen. Even great GPU offerings like the AMD RX480 are still unable to supply stable 60Hz refresh rates, but thankfully, the Samsung UE590 incorporates AMD’s Freesync. In our Battlefield tests, the frames struggled to reach 60FPS and were usually at around the high forties to fifties. We all know gaming below 60FPS can sometimes make a few players puke or explode with headaches, but thanks to the Freesync magic, this was not the case. The game did appear smooth so long as the frames stayed within the variable range of the VRR tech. We recommend users to optimize their graphics settings for each title so you can maximize Freesync within its implementation limitations..

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