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Its now clear that the decoder is a twin tuner satellite as well as terrestrial decoder. I first tested it using an antenna and what I noticed first is its good up-scaling capabilities. Of course you have to use a HDMI cable for this but it does not also mean that all crappy images will be transformed into Full HD. This was confirmed by watching Signet Sayare, that channel has the worst picture quality on the dvbtplatform. Other than that all other channels with decent 576i picture are up-scaled with a noticeable difference.

The major advantage of this decoder is that its a Combo decoder with only one remote for all functionalities either satellite or terrestrial. This is okay for an ordinary user because it eliminates the use of multiple decoders and remotes   but for ASAS victims (they know themselves) this is not enough.
The blind-scan feature reminds me of the Technosat T 88decoder with the only difference being the theme colour.
The Openbox VCombo decoder stabilises the annoying cracking and jittery sound on Amostp 1113V. My link. So with this decoder you can enjoy the Continental package which has some very interesting channels including star movies. Some of these channels will be on the FAV list for sure. Terrestrial as well as satellite channels can be mixed on to one favourite list which is why this decoder is awesome.
As for the sensitive tuner, its very true. I did a test on Nilesats weakest frequency 1197V which hosts CNN. The weather was very cloudy with a little rain plus the dish size was 90cm with a Stargold LNB. There was no pixelation even though the other decoder was struggling on the same tp with the same conditions.
DiSEqC and PVR

V8S USER MANUAL Contents. Time,flies name,setup menu and so on. Power/Stand-by Power LED Turns blue while switched on and turns red while switched off.
Zbirka vsebuje devetindvajset slovarjev in sicer: Italijanščina: o Veliki italijansko-slovenski slovar + nepravilni glagoli Nemščina: o Veliki nemško-slovenski slovar (Prenovljena izdaja) o Veliki slovensko-nemški. Termania ima trenutno več kot 50 brezplačnih slovarjev z več kot 1,milijonov gesel. Zaradi stalnega dodajanja novih slovarjev se seznam nenehno dopolnjuje. Slovarji dzs. Starejši slovarji so zaščiteni z namestitveno disketo. Če uporabljate računalnik brez disketne enote, pokličite aktivacijski center. Če uporabljate računalnik brez disketne enote, pokličite aktivacijski center..

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