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You cannot put a price on a good night's rest. And, a good night's rest can be determined by not only how you sleep, but what you sleep on. We're talking about your pillow. This contact form. It's time you get rid of that old, worn-out pillow and invest in a pillow that will help you get a good night's rest. That's why we're going to take a look at one of the most talked about and loved pillows available on the market today, the Panda Life Pillow, to see if it's the best choice for you.
Product Specs

All pillows are not equal. The Panda Life Pillow has a soft pillow cover made of 60% polyester / 40% Viscose which is made with bamboo. The viscose cover derived from bamboo feels twice as soft as cotton and compares to luxury fabrics like cashmere and silk (without high maintenance or cost). The highly absorbent nature of the viscose cover has a cooling effect on your skin, which translates to soothing comfort. Shredded memory foam adjusts perfectly to your contours, supporting your head, neck and shoulders, allowing your muscles to relax, all while providing a more restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep.
Features and Specification
Shredded Memory Foam: Shredded memory foam, the insert of Panda Life pillow, takes great care of the tender neck muscles. You will love the way it supports, soothes and comforts you during bedtime. Plus, it lasts way longer than typical cotton pillows.
Moisture Absorbent Fabric: Another feature that the fabric of this pillow has that, it can absorb moisture. This is a special that very few pillows have but the Panda Life Pillow is a unique one with the feature to absorb any kind of moisture.
As rayon fabric is used to cover the pillow, so when you sleep on this pillow you will be relieved of any kind of allergies. If your pillow is made of any ordinary fabric then there is a risk of allergy. But as it is made of all natural rayon fabric there is no risk of any allergies at all.
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If you have ever had a long and arduous search for the perfect pillow, you have most likely come across the claims a Bamboo Pillow makes, have been intrigued, and more likely than not have enjoyed its plush comforts. However, upon purchase, many of these pillows are tightly rolled, compressed, or even vacuum sealed prior to shipping- leaving you with a product that seems less than full and comfortable looking.
Often, upon opening, these pillows will begin to fluff up on their own, but others may need a slight helping hand. If you have ever wondered how to fluff a bamboo pillow properly, read on for a step-by-step guideline, and why you should do so. Over time, your bamboo pillow will also benefit from this attention as well.
A gratifying experience!
Going through a phase of lackluster sleep quality or insomnia? This Queen-sized pillow filled with shredded memory foam will certainly help you get a deep and sound sleep.
My 5-year-old niece Sonia has sensitive skin and is allergic to textiles like cotton, polyester, etc. Almost all the pillows have cotton covering so she had no choice but to sleep without a pillow which has visible effects on her sleep quality and overall health. When I first read about this pillow I came to know that it had a rayon viscose covering that was made of natural bamboo fiber. After consulting with our family doctor we decided to give it a try. Her sleep quality improved from the first night as she woke up with a smile in the morning and whispered, “It’s so soft” in her cute childish way..

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